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New Compact Torque Motor


Launched at the recent 'Innovation into Action' Exhibition in Cardiff, the all new Fracmo CTM (Compact Torque Motor), uses brushless technology and innovative design techniques to give greater reliability and efficiency from a significantly smaller and lighter footprint.




Weighing only 1.5kg, with a diameter of 87mm and length of 70mm, the CTM is 30% smaller and 18% more efficient compared with traditional motors. It is also maintenance free & sealed for life.




This powerful permanent magnet brushless motor is suitable for a wide range of uses from the simplest drive applications to complex integrated solutions, particularly where power/weight ratios are critical.




The versatility of Fracmo's CTM can be further enhanced by using it's optional integral drive electronics. This offers various interface possibilities using standard communications hardware and non-dedicated analogue and digital I/O pins connected to limit switches, sensors etc. With bespoke software this enables the CTM to act as a stand-alone system controller.


For further information about Fracmo's new Compact Torque Motors, please contact Chris Styles Sales & Marketing Director The Denis Ferranti Group.

Email: chris.styles@ferranti-group

Phone +44 (0) 1248 370 370

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